Terms and Conditions (GTC)

With your registration you accept the terms and conditions of the clubs MoMaMo. The management of the Clubs subject to Beston Inc. in Wilmington Delaware. The MoMaMo Club acts as an independent institution under the supervision of an established trust.
MoMaMo Club sees itself as a community, trying with a variety of investments, to provide members with as little success risks. The common goal is to generate attractive returns in the form of an investment community.
MoMaMo Club has a billing system, find out from the investors after a certain principle, the capitalization of their contributions. The deposit should be at least 60 .
MoMaMo Club - membership only get full-year old, registered investors, with the exception of a further signature by the parent or guardian.
MoMaMo Club - deposits and withdrawals are available on each bank of the Member or online payment systems such as Moneybookers or Paypal made​​.
MoMaMo Club - announces that can be called any investment risk investment. A total loss of the deposit is not ruled out. Each investor is liable with its own contribution.
MoMaMo-Club recommends investors to only invest monies not needed for daily life.
MoMaMo Club - advise that was acquired with a minimum deposit of 60 a 36-month membership. Returns and dividend payments are posted directly to the billing system. Take place through the acquisition of the membership and participation in our system regardless of the financial statements and disbursements, once a member of the Level III has been reached.
MoMaMo Club shares with all members that the minimum investment in various groupings, as shown below divided.

I) Level System II) Web Site III) Trading VI) Provisions V) Administrative costs

MoMaMo Club shares with all members that they are for the operation of their e-mail mailbox responsible. We advise all members of a provider of their choice would be to open a free email account.
>News will be sent via newsletter. You can follow news on the website.