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Here is a detailed explanation of how our investment system works:

Our system is divided into six levels, and you have the opportunity to enter two different species.
Normal entry:
MoMaMo Der Club
You invest with your membership fee 20 € in the level 1
MoMaMo Der Club
Once six investors come into the first first evel 1, changes the first position from Level 1 (with a balance of 120 €) to the level 2.

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MoMaMo Level 1
MoMaMo Level 2
MoMaMo Level 3
MoMaMo Level 4
MoMaMo Level 5
MoMaMo Level 6
MoMaMo Gewinne

MoMaMo Der Club
In level 2 it behaves similar to level 1, but here are ten investments is needed that reach the first position from level 2 the level 3. (with a balance of 1.200 €). Here is the first split of a level result. Of this amount now, go 200 € back to the level 1 to reward all investors who have made this position one. The remaining 1.000 € will be invested in level 3.
MoMaMo Der Club
LEVEL 3 First level of profit distribution and VIP entry level
This level is again advance ten investment fields that reach the first position from level 3 the level 4 (with a balance of 10.000 €). At this level, the investor with the first position receives 5.000 € from the level credit. Of the remaining amount will be re-invested 2.000 € in level 1 to reward responsible investors, and the amount of: 3.000 € will be transferred to level 4.

Level 3 Einstieg
This level serves as a VIP entry level.. The club member can immediately enter into level 3. At a VIP entrace are simultaneously 200 € invested in the Level 1.

MoMaMo Der Club
Level 4 is also needed ten investment fields that the first position from level 3 reach the level 4 (with a balance of 30.000 €). The division of the level credit is as follows: 10.000 € payment to the investor of the first position. 5.000 € Reinvestment in to level 1 to reward investors. 15.000 € will be transferred to Level 5.
MoMaMo Der Club
Level 5 is also claimed ten investment fields, that the first position from level 5 (with a balance of: 150.000 €) reach the million level 6. The division of the level credit is as follows: 15.000 € payment to the investor of the first position. 10.000 € Reinvestment in to Level 1 to reward responsible investors. 125.000 € will be transferred to the million level 6.

MoMaMo Der Club
Level 6 the million level. After ten investors has reached this level, the investor of the first position of this level gets paid the princely sum of: 1.000.000 €. 250.000 € are simultaneously re-invested in the level 1. From this point the investor leaves with this investment our level system.

MoMaMo Der Club
Profits, which earned the club by the invested capital to be reinvested in the level 1 (by paths in the form of 20 €). Thus, the progression is increased in our system, and all investors participate in the success of the club.

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