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Today was the third dividend be held in our investment club. Check your position in our level system.

Swich inserted, now you can swich between on or off for your name overlay on his sponsor page and imprint.

Our site has been taken up by Besucher Award this month to vote. Dear Members Votefor our website.

Today was the next dividend be held in our investment club. Check your position in our level system.

Contaminated with viruses and trojans backlink pages were in our Automatic Backlinks page was, are completly deleted now.

Our general backlinks were added with an additional backlink page in the link menu.

Our site layout was changed slightly so that our pages can be easily viewed on a smartphone. In addition, some link backlink partners on our site have been outsourced.

We have changed the graphics on the home page, and we hope that the new graphics like better now.?!? 

Today we have the missing side: Why join newly created and brought online. We hope that this is as informative as all our other pages.

Now all pages, also all pages in the member area are in english.

Our next step is: The complete content will be available in spanish.
Also we rebuild the page: Why Join they get lost by our reprogramming work.

We unfortunately had to notice that PayPal has to run its scripts entirely prohibited within frames. For this reason, it does our payment page is no longer in its usual form.

For the full browser switch to PayPal, our members are logged out automatically.
Therefore, our automatic level entry system will no more work.

Until we find a new solution, our new members will then be entered manually within 24 hours in the system.

Now weve finally done it! Our official web page (not the members area) to translate in English.

The whole time we was working on the translation and on the reprogramming. By rewriting we can easily add more languages in future time to the system. For this reason, we felt that this was important to convert everything at one time.

Finally our website has been reached the PageRank 3 on Google. It was about time after all these efforts to date.

Today was the first dividend in our club. At that time it was still not very high, but at least one dividend...

New automatic backlink page launched.
We have in our club for all an automatic backlink page launched. Here you can save for yourself a backlink to your website. The page is titled: http://backlink.momamoclub.com

From now stand banners to advertise the site at the side of advertising available. This change, we still had completed before 15 April.

Today the problem was solved when logging in. Prior to our presentation was static on the domain: http://momamoclub.com designed.

Therefore, it often came to problems if you wanted to log on.

That has now changed, and you can now log on both domain addresses, with or without the www out.

Not only back links ensure that our club is known throughout the world. We even have all the pages of our system made ​​zero errors. W3C Markup Validation Service, all of our pages have been tested properly.

As a treat for all club members, we try a club meeting this summer in Mallorca to take hold.

This event is really sure yet, but it is definitely been times in the planning stage. Expected the meeting will be held on Sunday, Aug 07, 2011, and it should all club members are invited.

We have adapted our system a little, and changed the look somewhat. Now in the new year, we go full steam. We will expand and improve our advertising campaigns and promotions.

Our legendary MoMaMo Club is finally open. At the moment it is one not many members but we are confident that this situation will not last long.

After all the testing phases, and security checks, but now we could finally get going and start our system.

Our new MoMaMo Club
Our third place by Besucher Award
In December 2011, we had done it, and reached third place in.

We hereby thank all members who have diligently helped to reach this place.
Just wait and see what this club still makes everything possible...

An internal competition is already in process.