Pyramid System

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Our system resembles a pyramid system, but it isnt a system like this.

Because our system is not necessarily rely on new investors, as is the case with pyramid schemes.

In addition, with snow-ball system quickly reaches the end of the story, if there are no more new investors. Our system is different, it will run without new investors on anyway.
New investors while significantly accelerate our system and in more ways than one. On the one hand, by capital employed by them, and secondly through their investment, because the rotation is of overriding through this one step.

We have regulated so as soon as a former investor reaches a point where he subsidized automatically all new investors who came into the new system had enabled him this position.

This is another aspect that makes us different from a pyramid system.

The deposits of investors working too.

The investment, so it is inserted Club dues profitably used and the resulting profits flow directly back into the rotation system.

This guarantees progress, even without new investors.

Here again, our system differs significantly from any pyramid schemes.

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